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'So it begins'

Every day we are bombarded with news about the developments in artificial intelligence. Some make us excited and fascinated by its possibilities, some make it seem inevitable that machines will kill us all in the end. I am not an expert in the topic, I have been reading the headlines online and listening to my friends who all have suddenly become 'experts' in machine learning and transhumanism...

I decided to start a blog to educate MYSELF first and whoever gets around to read it (thanks to all 3,5 of you) second. I am not an engineer, programmer, economist or anything that gives any credibility to my views. What I am is a person who wants to figure out what this AI thing is, how far away is it from making a tangible impact on my day-to-day life and what the heck can I do not to be ‘left out’ from this revolution everyone around me insists is happening.

Some of the beautiful books I am reading

The topics this blog focuses on all revolve around AI and its impact on different areas of our society. From economics to business, from shifting societal norms to the disruption of industries, from a smart toaster to a smart city. The blog also features the reviews of the books related to AI that I have been reading and my 2 cents on those.

Eventually, I would like to get the authors and actual experts in AI to speak to me and explain what is actually going on and how far it can take us. Not everyone digs the idea of suddenly being told by your toilet that the seat needs to be heated up prior to you sitting your ass down on it. This one I am super thrilled about...Has to be Morgan Freeman's voice obviously!

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