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The importance of getting outside

As the hectic working week starts today, I am reminiscing on the time I spent in the common yesterday afternoon.

We live in the age of our minds being constantly stimulated by our surroundings. Most people have their smartphone at arm’s reach at all times, signalling to the brain that a notification can come in and steal our attention and focus any time. Such level of constant connectivity is useful for the career advancement and can indeed make it easier to be of better help to those who need you. However, with the constant ‘on demand’ mode come downsides such as decrease of focus, extra stress and a being in a full reactive mode.

The way human beings experience the world around us is now through the prism of our devices. Our brain is still wired to make us survive in hunter-gatherers world, having no idea that sable tooth tiger long ceased to be a threat. I suggest that the constant stimulus that we receive from technology is constantly triggering our archaic brain, which in time can be harmful.

Unlike technology, nature is something that comes ‘naturally’ to us as species and it can serve as an antidote to the influence of technology. Looking at the history of our species, the time that has passed post industrial revolution (our current framework for life and work) is dwarfed by the period of time when we relied on nature to nurture us.

Every time I get out to expose myself to nature for a long period of time, checking out of the responsibilities and technology, I feel much more energised and overall better. This doesn’t have to be a forrest 40 miles away, can just be your quiet local park. I don’t know if it is the oxygen or the view, but the time outside should definitely be utilised to destress and resent yourself.

My advice would also be to get some form of physical exercise while you are strolling around outside. One of my all time favourites - walking. At your pace. From the evolutionary standpoint, walking is one of the most advanced skills that we have developed due to the frequently arising need to migrate. Let's make use of it!

Peace and trees.

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