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Calum Chace - Artificial Intelligence and The Two Singularities

In this episode, I have a great pleasure of being joined by Calum Chace. Calum studied Philosophy at Oxford, where he initially developed his interest in AI. After a 30 year career in business, he started sharing his thoughts on AI with the world.

Now, he is a distinguished author and sought-after speaker about artificial intelligence, and its likely future impact on society. His books include a novel Pandora’s Brain, and 3 non-fiction books: Surviving AI, The Economic Singularity, and Artificial Intelligence and The Two Singularities.

Calum argues that superintelligence is closer than we think, and that humanity is on track to become second smartest species on the planet. Even a more pressing concern in his mind, is AI’s impact on employment and what can be done to ensure a smoother transition to a potentially jobless society.

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