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Artificial Intelligence Is Not a Species - Joanna Bryson


The recording took place at the University of Cambridge and was made possible by Leverhulme Centre for the Future of Intelligence. In the episode, Joanna and I talk about the meaning of intelligence and mind, when AI started being taken seriously by media, Europe’s place in the global AI landscape, and a lot more.


Joanna Bryson is a widely recognised academic expert in intelligence, from the perspectives of computer science, psychology, and biology. She is employed at the University of Bath, where she teaches Intelligent Control and Cognitive Systems. Joanna is also fellow at Princeton’s Centre for Information Technology Policy. 


Joanna’s main focus and expertise lies in researching natural and artificial intelligence. Current projects include building accountable and transparent AI, and understanding cultural variation in human cooperation and economic behaviour. To explore Joanna’s work please go to and @j2bryson on Twitter.

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