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Mark Purdy (Chief Economist at Accenture) - The Future of Jobs

I came across Mark’s work when looking at the list of the speakers at the Warwick Economics Summit 2017. I enjoyed his keynote at the event and invited him to be on my podcast. We talk about what countries can do to reap the benefits of AI, its impact on productivity and what skills will be in demand in the future. 

Mark Purdy is a managing director and chief economist at Accenture Research. His research examines issues at the intersection of macroeconomics and business, such as globalization, international competitiveness, economic growth and jobs. Before joining Accenture, he was an economic advisor at the U.K. Competition Commission, the Consumers’ Association and Ireland’s National Economic and Social Council. He has a Bachelor’s and a master’s degree in economics from Trinity College, Dublin.

Please enjoy!

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