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Paul Hornsey-Pennell - Death, Technology, and Orange Blossom

In this episode, Paul and I talk about the fear of death, possibility of technology prolonging our lives, depression, social media usage, and universal basic income. I find Paul's insights fascinating in terms of their depth and context, and I am sure you will do too!


Apart from writing and running businesses, Paul has had a very accomplished career in personal coaching, working with top athletes, notably with the stars of British Premier League. Also, Paul has worked with Olympians, business executives, and spoke to thousands of people about becoming self-employed.

I have a pleasure of knowing Paul on a personal level. We connected at a conference in London called Expert Empires. I joined Paul at his table and asked what he was so actively typing out on his MacBook. Turned out, it was that book that we are talking about in this episode - 'Surfing the Techno-Tsunami'.

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