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Yessi Bello-Perez (Editor at UK Tech News) - AI Start Ups, Tech Journalism, and Elon Musk

In this episode, Yessi and I talk about her switch from lifestyle to tech journalism, AI start ups in London, self-driving cars, blockchain, and how graduates can break into her profession. Yessi is an editor of UK Tech News (, the leading publication inspiring and connecting UK tech businesses with breaking news, data-led industry analysis, profiles and events. Her interests and expertise lie in technology journalism, B2B sector, venture capital and blockchain. 

Yessi and I met at an event called “AI in Business: Joining the Dots”, which was organised by Prospex and held at Orrick LLP office in London. Yessi was moderating the panel and impressed me with her knowledge of the AI ‘scene’ in London and strikingly clear articulation of her thoughts and ideas on what the future might hold. After the event we kept in touch and it is now my great pleasure to have her on the podcast.

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